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WSCO Membership is open to individuals interested in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of stuttering and cluttering. An account registration is required to join WSCO.

You will gain access to a wide range of experts listed in our Directory, attend webinars and Global Workshops organised by the WSCO internationally, as well as the World Congresses held every three years.

WSCO Membership allows you to access all Congress Proceedings dating back to 1997, as well as all previously published issues of our Journal dating back to 1974. You will also receive voting rights.

We consist of experts in the field, those who stutter or clutter, those who have studied or specialized over many years, those who are developing this specialism and those who are at the beginning of their careers. This field continues to develop at great pace and the WSCO brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the science of stuttering and cluttering, the wide range of therapeutic approaches, as well as the philosophical debate about society’s views on disability.

You will be able to interact with people who stutter or clutter as fellow members of an inclusive organization where we seek to talk to each other, rather than about each other.

The WSCO provides a fee waiver program for individuals in countries where the cost of a membership is prohibitive. Contact the Membership Committee to learn more.

If you are a therapist, an academic interested in stuttering, cluttering and atypical fluency in children, young people and adults, or a person who stutters or clutters, the WSCO is the community to which you need to belong. By joining our ranks you will be furthering both your own development, as well as supporting our field in a truly international and collaborative forum.

WSCO Members at the 2018 Joint World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan.
WSCO Members at the 2018 Joint World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan.